Why Vebo?



Vebo is non-simultaneous which means that, unlike traditional house swap, you don’t have to stay in someone else’s house when they stay in yours. Vebo allows you to deposit and withdraw from a 24-month window so you can travel the world when it suits you not when you and another party find dates in common.

Exclusive Private Club

Vebo is a private club for owners so you can rest assured and have peace of mind that like-minded owners will be using your property. Non-property owners or renters are not permitted to join.

Property Verification

Vebo gives you peace of mind. As part of the application process, Professional Managers are required to provide the details of the property to verify the existence, and correctness of the property details. An assessment by Vebo is conducted before any property is accepted into the system. All properties have had a professional Manager endorse the details of the properties.

Our Sole Focus

Vebo is solely focused on home exchange – we don’t offer house swaps or rentals. Our knowledge, experience and expertise are in the home exchange business which allows us to offer the best product in the market.