Joining Fees

Imagine staying in a $500 per night villa for a couple of weeks ($7000 value) and checking in & out with no bills


Professionally managed

  • $US 700 per year
  • includes 14 days’ accommodation
  • includes management fees
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Privately managed

  • Lifetime Inscription: $US 399
  • $US 250 exchange fees per week
  • $US 99 annual dues
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The owner/manager completes an online form detailing a description of the property including size, location, and features and uploads high quality digital photos.


The property will be verified in order to maintain quality control of all our properties.


Payment can be made either by our secure online credit card service or PayPal for individuals, and for managers by bank transfer or trust account cheque.


Once a complete registration form is submitted, and payment is complete,  the property will be uploaded to the database and available for use.