How it works

  1. 1Deposit
  2. 2Withdraw
  3. 3Exchange
  4. 4Travel

1. Deposit
First, select a couple of weeks in association with the residential manager in your property and deposit them into the inventory bank, making them available for other owners.

2. Withdrawal
Next, search the inventory bank for the vacation of your choice. Your exchange is non-simultaneous meaning you choose from a 24 month travel window.

3. Exchange
Receive your instant confirmation and plan your trip. Vebo will put you in contact with the Residential manager of your confirmed booking to answer any questions.

4. Travel
Enjoy your vacation knowing that you have saved thousands of dollars simply by utilizing your vacation home. Vebo Travel department can also help arrange flights, travel insurance, and all your travel needs.

How it works

World’s most flexible
home exchange

Vebo is an exclusive private club for property owners. Our owners enjoy the use of a range of properties from a lakeside cabin to a luxury penthouse, all over the world at any time of the year without the cost of renting.